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Jaanipäev - June 22nd, 2013


What a day!


It would have been very hard to top last year's memorable event (Thunderstorms, power outages, candlelight performances)...but this year's Midsummer celebration was momentous. On this sunny and beautiful day, and after months of hard work, the Vancouver Estonian Society celebrated the official unveiling of the new deck! 


As is tradition, the Mr Jaanipäev competition was full of excitement and drama. After many a boot was tossed, run was dashed and wreath was...unwreathed, we had our winners. As the runners-up, Tom (Kitching) and Namgyle. And our Mr Jaanipäev for 2013....Kalev Naano-Vesik!


This year we also had some special guests...directly off the plane, the wonderful Eesti Meestelaulu Seltsi Meeskoor! This lovely decktop serenade was followed by the lovely Leelo, the engaging Müra and the lively Kilplased. The many performances were followed by the lighting of the jaanituli, led by our new Mr Jaanipäev and this year's Ms. Maipidu, Leah Jaako. Dancing, as usual, went well into the night until many a soul fell exhausted into their tent. (Except for those who were still up when we started making breakfast)


Head Jaanipäeva!