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Upcoming Mäeotsa events

We would like to welcome the community to come and attend two events that are coming up in June.


The first, we will be holding a talgud (clean up day) at Mäeotsa on June 15th from 10am to 5pm. The main goal is to get the property ready for the following weekend, Jaanipäev! The talgud days are always a nice time to come and enjoy the property in a 'quieter' (minus lawmowers, trimmers, saws..) state. There will be hot dogs available at lunch time, and it is a great time to come lend a hand and meet some new friends in the process.

Click here for talgud information.


Then the following weekend, you can enjoy the hard work from the talgud, and have fun at the Midsummer celebration Jaanipäev. With plenty of entertainment, great food, music, dancing and more, Jaanipäev is the biggest event of the year at Mäeotsa and it should not be missed!

Click here for Jaanipäev information.